15 Times Cosplay Costumes Were Way Too Good for This World

Dressing up like a movie or cartoon character is really enjoyable, and this kind of entertainment is very popular nowadays. However, there are 2 kinds of people interested in cosplays: the ones who do a great job trying to copy someone and the ones who totally fail and make the whole thing quite funny.

We at Bright Side put together some hilarious photographs of cosplays that were made by people with an excellent sense of humor.

Star Wars

© 20th Century Fox © TemporalDisplacement/reddit.com

Sailor Moon

© Madman Entertainment © CrimsonCharlie/imgur.com


© Gaumont © unknown/imgur.com

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

© Mirage Studios © unknown/imgur.com

Life of Pi

© 20th Century Fox © Heynow1/imgur.com

Iron Man

© Marvel Comics © Falardeau/reddit.com

Sonic the Hedgehog

© Sega © SMEGMA_CHEESE/reddit.com

The Flash

© DC Comics © DISSOCIATED/imgur.com


© Marvel Comics © ThePizzaDoctor/reddit.com

Wonder Woman

© DC Comics © unknown/imgur.com

Rainbow Dash

© Hasbro Studios © HormonalWhore/reddit.com

A Powerpuff Girl

© Hanna-Barbera © stonecoldgrits/reddit.com


© DC Comics © unknown/imgur.com

Captain America

© Marvel Comics © Maloriah/reddit.com


© DC Comics © unknown/imgur.com

Preview photo credit Madman Entertainment, CrimsonCharlie/imgur.com



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