18 Adorably Stuck Animals You Might Feel Bad for Laughing At

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Let’s face it: our pets are usually pretty much independent and don’t really need us unless they’re hungry. Still, sometimes they get into sticky situations and need a helping hand. Some owners choose to help their pets right away, but others think it wouldn’t hurt to take a hilarious picture first.

We at Bright Side present you with 18 pictures of stuck animals that are so cute, you might just feel guilty for laughing at them!

“Well, don’t just stand there. Do something!”

© darthnut / reddit

Only a cat could look so graceful in a situation like this.

You might think this is a dog stuck in a sleeve, but it’s actually a domesticated seal.

© fingercup / reddit

Sleek grey body? Check. Fluffy little nose? Check. Adorable? Check. This dog gets my seal of approval.

“It’s called fashion, Brenda. Look it up!”

© shark-bite / reddit

Don’t you wish you could pull off this fashionable slinky as effortlessly as this cat does? A true fashion icon.

I quite like this new model of Cowcedes Benz.

© unknown / reddit

Maybe this cow is learning how to drive, and driving a real car right away is scary. Safety first.

“What? Someone went through our trash can? No, sorry, we didn’t see anything.”

© unknown / reddit

Just look at their honest eyes! These good boys definitely didn’t see a thing.

The cat that regrets everything.

© Aaragon / reddit

Someone underestimated their size and overestimated their thirst.

Judging by this cow’s confident look, this isn’t a mistake — it’s a fashion statement.

© Winkie1 / reddit

Confidence is always trendy.

“Why, yes, I need some help. Thanks for asking.”

© TheDonCuffy / imgur

The poor dog just wanted to take a midday nap in this lovely big hammock. Humans make it look so deceptively easy.

I didn’t know they sold cats at the pharmacy meow.

© betasynn / reddit

BRB, going to the pharmacy to get myself a cat.

“It wasn’t me! I’ve been framed!”

© unknown / reddit

I believe you, doggo. Let me just get you out of these blinds that insidiously wrapped themselves around you while you were taking a peaceful nap.

Look at his adorable little face!

© raspheart/ reddit

The toilet paper roll looked much bigger from the outside. This ferret looks really surprised he didn’t just slip through it.

“I’m just hanging out here…”

© ShinyNickel / imgur

Well, nothing to see here, actually — this kitty is just resting. Did you know this was the most comfortable place to sleep? (Disclaimer: don’t try this at home. This is a trained professional.)

Excuse me, are you a cat? Because I’m pretty sure this is a cat door…

© pippinMoon / imgur

This dog must’ve been raised by cats because he looks genuinely perplexed. He really thought he would fit through the flap.

“Does this suit make me look fat?”

© Birdie_Num_Num / reddit

This beautiful cat isn’t sure how he got here. He’s also not sure how he’ll get out.

They always say the grass is greener on the other side of the fence.

© itsPippin / imgur

When this cow was little, her mom sang her a lullaby in which a cow jumped over the moon. The lullaby lied. Cows can’t even jump over fences.

“That hole was there before me, I swear.”

© TheTrueMuffinMan / reddit

Did he just… eat through the bed?

“Who needs a gift in their stocking when they have me?”

© PseudoLiamNeeson / reddit

Aww, thank you, Santa!

“Oh, I didn’t know the gate was open. Huh.”

© TurdFerguson10 / reddit

Plot twist: the dog is actually part of the gate. Scares the bad people away, gives the good people a warm welcome.

Bonus: the cat that isn’t stuck… yet.

© LemonPartyOrganizer / imgur

Who leaked this gif of me trying to get out of my skinny jeans after a nice hearty dinner? Scandalous.

Do your pets ever get into funny situations like these? Do you try to discipline them or just laugh and take a picture? Feel free to share your stories and pictures with us in the comments!

Preview photo credit Aaragon/reddit, raspheart/reddit

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