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bright side of life,BrightSide — Inspiration. Creativity. Wonder,Our site is dedicated to creativity. We made BrightSide to help nurture the seeds of creativity found in all of us. We believe imagination should be at the heart of everything people do. BrightSide is the place to find the most inspiring manifestations of this from around the world.

17 Famous First Times in History

17 Famous First Times in History Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Share on Pinterest In world history, everything once happened for the first time. We’re not just talking about inventing the computer but about the first selfie, the first Rockefeller Center Christmas tree, and the first rights to drive a motorcycle for a woman. Someday our great-grandchildren will look at photos of the hadron collider or the first 3D printer and wonder how they were invented so long ago! In the last point, you’ll see the pearl of the collection! Bright Side collected 17 photos of famous firsts in history. First Tesla, 2008 © wikimedia The Tesla Roadster, also named the Dark Star, is the first electric battery vehicle produced by Tesla Motors. Production stopped in 2012, but they’ve promised to restart the model by 2020. Café Terrace at Night, 1888 This was the first painting of Vincent van Gogh in which he used a starry sky. This café really exists and is situated in Place du Forum in Arles, Fra..

18 Times People Lied on Social Media So Hard, It’s Hilarious

18 Times People Lied on Social Media So Hard, It’s Hilarious Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Share on Pinterest It’s an undeniable truth that social media gives you the opportunity to showcase how awesome your life is and to maybe become popular overnight, but sometimes it can play a trick or two and turn your awesomeness into hilariousness, especially if you try to exaggerate your reality. Bright Side found people who got caught lying on social media and made the world unite in laughter. Let’s see how many of these you wouldn’t notice if you saw them in your social media feed. 18. I was working so hard that... © LordPotatoHead/Reddit My belly button got swallowed by my abs! 17. Aw, what a cute couple! © Unknown/Imgur Me and my imaginary girlfriend, forever and ever! 16. You gotta give him points for creativity! © Caiusj/Imgur Haters gonna hate, but he is the one who looks absolutely happy. You can’t fake it, can you? 15. My imagination knows no bounds. © Unknown/..

7 Discoveries That Raised More Questions Than Answers in the Scientific World

7 Discoveries That Raised More Questions Than Answers in the Scientific World Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Share on Pinterest Sometimes it seems that humanity already knows everything. It is in those very moments when new discoveries are made that turn our world and our views of it upside down. Bright Side tells you about some finds that contributed to the understanding of the world’s history but left scientists with more questions than answers. We also prepared a surprising bonus for you at the end of this article. Embryo mummy © nat-geo At the beginning of the 20th century, scientists found a small sarcophagus. Initially, this find didn’t surprise anyone because in Ancient Egypt such vessels were used to bury human organs. However, the following research showed that the sarcophagus didn’t contain organs: there was a fetal mummy. The embryo was in the 16th-18th week of development at the time of death. This sarcophagus was dated to the period between 664 and 525 years B.C..

20+ People Who Wanted Their Pics Photoshopped But The Result Was Terribly...

20+ People Who Wanted Their Pics Photoshopped But The Result Was Terribly Funny Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Share on Pinterest James Fridman is a graphic designer from London, UK. He is famous for taking Photoshop requests from people from all over the world and fulfilling them in his own manner: exaggerating people’s wishes, taking their words too literally, or punishing vanity and laziness. Despite this sarcastic art, James has more than a million fans worldwide, and they keep sending him photos. Maybe they just want to challenge his creativity? Bright Side invites you to look at these pictures and laugh with us. Don’t miss the bonus at the end — it’s worth it! 1. © James Fridman 2. © James Fridman 3. © James Fridman 4. © James Fridman 5. © James Fridman 6. © James Fridman 7. © James Fridman 8. © James Fridman 9. © James Fridman 10. © James Fridman / Twitter 11. © James Fridman 12. © James Fridman 13. © James Fridman 14. ..

17 Times Snapchat Face Swaps Were Too Hilarious

17 Times Snapchat Face Swaps Were Too Hilarious Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Share on Pinterest Technology has come a long way in the past few years, including social media. Arguably the most entertaining, Snapchat has introduced us to a world of filters, like “face swap.” We at Bright Side couldn’t sit on the list of the most hilarious swaps we’ve encountered, so we decided to share them with you. Enjoy! 17. Like father like son! © BlackSwanson/imgur 16. Grounds for a Stephen King novel? © unknown/imgur 15. Pugs are different from how I remember... © unknown/imgur 14. Well, long hair suits him. © unknown/imgur 13. It works both ways. © unknown/imgur 12. Who’s a good boy?! © unknown/imgur 11. You take care of them, and they take care of you... © unknown/imgur 10. So cute. So happy. © unknown/imgur 9. Mr. Hogan, I see you slimmed down. © unknown/imgur 8. The red carpet would be much more fun this way, don’t you think? © unknown/imgur 7. Ba..

15 Times Fans Tried to Draw Their Favorite Stars But Something Went Terribly...

15 Times Fans Tried to Draw Their Favorite Stars But Something Went Terribly Wrong Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Share on Pinterest Sometimes the people we adore can motivate us to do things we’ve never done before. Thanks to celebrities, some of us started dancing, boxing, acting, or...drawing! We at Bright Side prepared the most astonishing portraits of people who inspired their fans. Let’s see if the celebrities resemble their fans’ drawings! 1. Angelina Jolie should’ve kept that lipstick. © yayanavailableusername / imgur 2. Brad Pitt and his adorable cheekbones! © unknown / imgur 3. The artist was amazed by Mel Gibson’s kind eyes. © yayanavailableusername / imgur 4. “Maybe you could change me...” © yayanavailableusername / imgur 5. Zayn Malik also likes to draw. Would you like him to draw you? © TheSleepyTiger / imgur 6. Harry Potter tries a spell without asking Hermione. © shynodaluv0ro8 / imgur 7. Almost the same David Schwimmer...just a bit upset. ..

9 Sneaky Ways Restaurants Trick You Into Paying a Larger Check

9 Sneaky Ways Restaurants Trick You Into Paying a Larger Check Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Share on Pinterest All of us love to go out for a drink with friends, for coffee with colleagues, or on a date with a loved one. And after we’ve carefully picked the place, we might still be satisfied with the experience...until the check arrives. We are happy to tell you that this feeling may arise not because you are frugal but because of the venue you chose. Bright Side collected 9 ways restaurants trick you into receiving a larger check than you anticipated. Menu design © shutterstock Menus are designed to not only be pretty but to be pretty useful for the restaurant. They are made in such a way that you can’t compare the pricing on dishes with the same ingredients. They will simply be on different sides of the menu. Vague portion sizes © gordoma/tripadvisor A lot of restaurants avoid putting portion sizes on a menu, but a server has to share this information when asked. Als..

21 People Who Are Seriously Confused About Fashion

21 People Who Are Seriously Confused About Fashion Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Share on Pinterest One of the first things you usually notice about someone is how they’re dressed. Clothes help define a person’s personality and everyone has their our own style preferences. While some of them might seem strange to you, others are just plain amusing. But clothes are the way people choose to express themselves and we shouldn’t judge their style for being different from runway fashion. We at Bright Side gathered the most curious photos of people who totally rock their own unique style. 1. Is this the Pigeon Lady from Home Alone 2? © pikabu Japanese shoemaker Kyoto Ohata created pigeon shoes that are both feathers and footwear. 2. Can you assemble it yourself? © Tilda0210/imgur One does not simply walk into IKEA with their girlfriend. 3. When you can’t decide what to wear. © imgur Long sleeve shorts are ready. Oh, you wanted a long sleeve shirt? 4. Pepperoni-pants-Bri..

10 Face Treatments That Will Cast a Magical Spell on Your Skin

10 Face Treatments That Will Cast a Magical Spell on Your Skin Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Share on Pinterest We all want to look as great as possible, but our busy schedules don’t always let us take care of ourselves. However, there are some easy-to-follow tips that will never let you down. We at Bright Side found the most effective DIY face treatments that will take you the minimum amount of time but will make your skin look and feel perfect. We also prepared a bonus for you at the end of the article! 1. Green Tea Mask © Depositphotos If you’re dreaming about improving your complexion and removing swollen eyes and dark circles or if your skin is sensitive to sunlight and you’ve started to notice wrinkles, this mask is a must for you. You’ll just need 1/2 a cup of bentonite clay, 1/3 of a cup of apple cider vinegar, and 1/3 of a cup of green tea. Stir them together, and add 5 drops of frankincense essential oil and 5 drops of lavender essential oil. Stir it to a creamy co..

What Mandatory School Uniforms Look Like in 15 Different Countries

What Mandatory School Uniforms Look Like in 15 Different Countries Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Share on Pinterest There are many opinions of whether or not school uniforms are necessary. Those who support this idea say that uniforms help to make kids more disciplined, equal and united, and parents don’t have to think about what clothes to buy for their kids. Those who are against uniforms say that such approach kills individuality and doesn’t impact the educational process at all. We at Bright Side don’t want to argue; we wish to simply show you what uniforms kids wear in different countries around the world. Indeed, many of the uniforms look quite trendy and practical. Japan © Wikimedia Commons © 紅色死神 / flickr The Japanese school uniform for girls, “seifuku,” is famous all around the world thanks to anime cartoons and manga comic books. It consists of a blouse in sea style and a pleated skirt that becomes shorter and shorter the older girls get. Shoes with a small hill an..

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